Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grandsons Noah & Cole Ready to Track the Grannies

The family gathered for MJ's birthday at Scotty snd Elyse's home and a fun send off celebration for me, the "local grannie " (Grandmama) last night. My co-grannie and fellow pilgrim (Oma) was unable to attend as she is busy with REI preparations in Michigan. The local Grandkids ages 2-9 years old were all given maps to track their grannies on Camino. I was touched by their questions, love and enthusiasm and their singing of "She's a jolly good fellow" and the grown kids animated singing of " I'm gonna be 500 miles " by The Proclaimers...... Here I noted the  generation difference.... I was thinking of Peter, Paul and Mary slowly singing in harmony .. Lord I'm still 500 Miles Away from Home.....

However , the Proclaimers have a "strong & emphatic marching beat" to their 500 mile tune that would probably take me further along the Camino when I really need the boost!!.... and last night's family performance of the Scottish tune will remain in my head for much longer than it will take me to walk 500 miles!

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