Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zariquiegui to Puente La Reina

It was a great day on the trail!

 Mariah and I are both getting over our  initial muscle/ joint soreness and psychological stress  from our first few strenuous days on the Camino.

We left our Alburgue earlier this morning and enjoyed the crisp morning air on the Spanish hillside paths.
After a steep climb accomplished with relative ease in the cool morning air and our new level of well being ... we arrived at the top of the mountain named Alto de Perdon' where the famous metal pilgrim sculptures stand prominently. (See photos.)

I then donned my new trusty knee braces for a steep loose rock descent that brought us through 3 quaint villages before we arrived at our destination for today...Puente La Reina.

We found a great combination Pilgrim Alburgue / Hotel just as we entered town and they had plenty of room for us. Yea... And a great nap followed settling in.

We met a great young manager of the Pilgrim Albergue named Miguel who took us on a fabulous tour of an exceptional history rich Church where the French Camino and 3 Spanish Camino routes merge.

It is considered a very mystical site for a variety of reasons and Miguel did a thorough job in Spanish and English to give his small group a very interesting historical and mystical insight into this 
Church's history and architectural features.The name of this octagonal shaped church is La Ermita Santa Maria de Eunate.
It has an early history with the Knights Templar who were all about protecting Pilgrims on the Camino in the 12-14th centuries.

If you ever read "The Pilgrimage" by Pablo Coelo you will have a fun experience getting acquainted with the Knights Templar!

We had a great dinner and are off to bed early so we can hit the Camino in the early morning as the sun is still shining and not much shade on the Camino tomorrow.

Buenas Noches!
Mary and Mariah


  1. Tonight the boys and I were flipping through the channels and stopped on PBS to see what was on. Well Rick Steve's travel show came on. Guess what was his feature? The Camino de Santiago and Pamplona's Running of the Bulls. He covered your path and highlighted the sights, churches and talked to a few pilgrims on the way! We got to see where you "Checked In" to get your passport as well as where you will complete your journey (and a bunch of places in between). It was SO cool to see a summary of The Camino presented by Rick - the boys were super stoked to learn more about your adventure! Good timing!! Adventure on ladies! XO

  2. How awesome Erika! So many new adventures for us and fun to know you and the boys are learning more about the pilgrim way of life on the Camino!!

  3. I love that your bodies aren't fighting back. When I treck I'm the first on the trail and usually finished my planned distance by 1-2:00 PM.
    You guys are definitely ready for the Himalayas next. Mary, you seemed to have dropped some weight...Looking and sounding strong.
    David Robbins