Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Photos from 9/29/15

Zariquiegui to Puente La Reina
Great views as we ascended Alto de Perdon' Mountain
Famous Pilgrim Sculpture at the top of the mountain... Photo Op for sure!

Many pleasant tree lined portions of the path today!.....a gift to a pilgrim!

This is the original spelling "Baztan" of my Basque Spanish lineage , later spelled Bazan. No one at the Casa Baztan to inquire about Mary's  possible family connection to this family.
Play yards are often located right next to the village churches. This beautiful church is in Obanos.
Below photo of ancient gateway to Obanos. A fellow Pilgrim from New Zealand took this photo for us. When he heard I was from Newport Brach all he could talk about at first was how "over the top" Fashion Island is... Funny! Says he loves to come to the U.S!

The Mystical Historical Octagonal Church and our energetic tour guide Miguel. His parents were married in this church and he is passionate about its history!

Soaking in the mystic vibe in the early 12-14th century Knights Templar Church

It's all about the arches! Mariah in front of one of the 100 arches that exist on this octagonal wonder at La Ermita Santa Maria de Eunate Church.


  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with your words and photos. Sending you prayers and lots of love. xoxo

  2. I feel like I am on this journey with you girls. You both look amazing. I'm sure Nana is smiling knowing you are in her parent's neck of the woods.

    Love you, Jane