Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leaving Roncesvalles & on to Zubiri & Pamplona

Photo log: leaving Roncesvalles arriving Zubiri 9/25 Pamplona 9/26
Leaving Roncesvalles... Wow only 790 KM .....or 490.59 miles to go to Santiago!

A friendly local mooing us on!
This is the marker we look for ensuring us we are on the right path accompanied by yellow arrows here and there... Mariah has switched to her hiking crocs! Much of this day was a walk through a variety of forests... I am learning my "tree species" from Mariah! Cappucino break... walking through the Village of Espinal...they have their own cool markers to keep us on our path
Big Coincidence along the trail ! ...we met the Biskett family from America  (Oregon and Eureka, Ca. ) researching their Grandmother's Basque Spanish Roots in Navarro Province....they were surprised to hear my (Mary's) Basque Spanish Great Grandmother was from this same province!
At last .... Arriving in Zubiri after a long days walk ... Population 400

The medieval bridge to Zubiri

Guide book says this is supposed to be an "easy" 15 mile day.... they lied ...look at the hill we climbed just getting out of town!
Mr Ed says hi and keep up the pace girls!      
Beautiful Arga river we walked along through the day.

Cappuccino revival break in small village...metal sculpture of the "original Pilgrim", St. James. We enter big city suburb of Pamplona and the Camino markers to keep us pilgrims on track are found on the city sidewalks.

Many city folk pass us and wish us "Buen Camino!"    The Draw bridge to the City of Pamplona.

As we enter the city on this ancient road we can hear the bands playing , we pass large groups from babies to grandparents dancing in the street!

City Celebration of their heritage!

The band and festive marchers are below our hotel window!

Fun welcome to Pamplona!

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