Monday, September 14, 2015

Is it time to go yet?

Six days to blast off .... and waking up at 3am thinking of 3 more Camino Essentials I need to go purchase & pack. 

I get a fun card in the mail today wishing me an amazing adventure accompanied by an article of things not to forget to take on the Camino. 

Of course  I make the mistake of reading the article and realize I have more things I forgot about..meanwhile the article posts The actual weight of each item...which I became painfully aware of last week when I did a trial walk with my backpack and had the biggest ache between my shoulder blades. 

My good friend and experienced  hiker Jim gave me tips on the importance of backpack adjustments.......back to REI for the 8th time , this time to consult with the backpack specialist that literally set my back straight by making adjustments to the backpack via tutorial ...eliminating the pull causing the ache and restoring my confidence that YES I can tote this backpack for 500 miles.... 

Isn't there a song about 500 Miles? 


  1. Yes there is a song by the Proclaimers called "I'm gonna Be (500 miles). We should load it onto your Shuffle!

  2. Wonderful! Have a terrific walk, trudge, slog, skip, hop, on your adventure. I am glad you got you pack right...I wish I had known as I could have helped you too. I was an expert pack fitter for years! remember you can adjust your pack on the trial as well. loosen and tighten straps here and there and re-adjusting again.
    Nevertheless... You are all set to go. Yes weighing your items is such a good idea and it sounds like you did that perfectly!
    There is a great song i hear an AA speaker share... Sung to the O'Christmas tree tune...Oh thank you God oh thank you God.. Oh thank you god or thank you god!!!! I often on climbs have changed the words to Oh Help me God....:>) to this day i use it!
    I will be here cheering you on! one step at a time all the way. Remember if you get a spot on your feet that get hot or warm from rubbing - do not wait to cover it. blisters will shut any hiker down so addressing them immediately - not at the next rest stop- has been a lesson learned that i never mess with any more. I use duct tape- yes duct tape right on my feet even before I start and i never have issues. People think I am nuts but in the end when they are suffering and I am not they realize I was not nuts!:>) Call me if you want more info. 949-294-1496.
    I love your adventure.. I love your heart...I love your risking... Go go Go GOD!! much love CT