Sunday, September 27, 2015

Party Time in Pamplona

Mariah and I out on the town partying with the Basque People in Pamplona!!
They are festive folk and everyone from babies to grannies come out to celebrate!

We loved the Mariachi Band!.... Everyone talking,swaying, laughing , eating , drinking and dancing in the town square !!
Stepped in and stood at the food bar and had the locals special potato dish , Mariah had calamari .... Loved both! Fun crowded place with waiters dancing and serving as the band music poured in. See the photos ...
What a fun and happy sight!
You have to love these folks! Met a few new pilgrims in the mix like Martin from Germany at the food bar.

Mariah and I have lightened our backpacks sending un-needed weighted items or doubles to Santiago via Postal Service. Our legs are feeling somewhat revived , Mariah bought a lighter pair of shoes in the Pilgrim SOS store and I bought 2 knee braces in case we hit anymore crazy steep downhills. On a learning curve , we are learning at a deeper level the importance of Simplicity & less is better because it's lighter!! Heavy backpacks cause many issues. 
We are both getting our own little systems in place for living "on the move".

This day of rest has been literally heavenly!!

We both had some of the best cuisine of our lives at the catedral restaurant at our hotel ... check out the WHITE dining room we enjoyed for lunch! ( photos to follow )
Our spirits are revived with the help of this festive city and its friendly people. We made fun connections with some of our basque friends in the town square and I used some of my "Spanglish"  (thank you Gloria) and they were happy to be able to interact with us... One couple went out of their way to get me to the local chocolate store.

Onward on the Camino and back to pilgrim life on the road!
Buenas Noches!
Mary & Mariah aka
Grandmama & Oma 

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  1. Hey I read somewhere that chocolate milk helps to speed up recovery after a workout. Maybe that chocolate shop has some version of Ovaltine you can get. He hee hee