Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10/21/15 Tricastela to Sarria

A Day of Adventure for Both of Us

Mariah sorting her small delicate white oak leaves found on the path. She plans to cast them in metal when she returns home.

Kristina and Larry ... Pilgrims from Pennsylvania who I hiked with today. Mariah took a rest day for her knee.

Mist on the morning trail

Going from highway trail into and onto the forest trail

We passed through several small villages, some with very little signs of life and no refreshment stops ... each had a beauty and history of its own that you could feel passing through.... but where are the people?

    ....Into the LIGHT!

Trails beautifully bordered in a variety of trees , many that have been there for well over a hundred years

Almost every village has a church with its  steeple usually visible for miles in advance of reaching it. The stonework on these churches & surrounding walls have usually stood the test of time. This was my favorite today! Loved the background of trees and where the church was situated in the village.

The beautiful walking paths on the Camino go on and on. We are enjoying the great variety of paths that show up for us every day on Camino!

Walked along a beautiful rushing river for much of the day

A special visit with 2 pilgrims no longer walking the Camino but "restoring a very old farm house" which had stood vacant for 8 years. SO much to do! They offered us a tour and to make us coffee which was quite an operation as they prepared the coffee on a wood burning stove!
 This is the exterior of farm house being restored in San Martin do Real

Andy from England standing in doorway to farmhouse he is restoring with Paul from France . The home had been in one family for a few hundred years.

The wood burning stove where the coffee was brewed.... no gas or electric possibilities

The dining room of farmhouse

Family room. A real treat hearing Paul and Andy's plans... but oh what a job ahead! The 2 man crew say there are "good bones" to the house but ceilings are falling in, wood floors challenged in many places where roof leaked for years, plaster falling from walls, dysfunctional plumbing etc etc. My short stay there got my creative juices flowing and it was a wonderful step back in time for all of us!

Large monastery in the town of Samos. We enjoyed viewing from the higher and lower trail as we walked through town.

Standing in front of the monastery courtyard

Classic stone bridge  over beautiful river on our trail today

Awe... So cute, new little colt next to Mama ....we caught her eye as we walked by their pasture on our trail

A clip of our views all day

VERY old church and cemetery on the trail

And the trail went up and down seemingly forever.... we only spotted one other pilgrim on this trail the entire day. All other pilgrims took the alternate route which was shorter but steeper, I thought our trail would never end!

Little stone alter on the trail .... looks like an angel to me....I needed one today... It ended up being 9 hours on the trail for me & not my usual 5-7 hours!

So many variations of presentation for directional Camino signs ...I appreciated this one today!

At long last Larry, Kristina and I arrived at our destination of Sarria for the evening

Mariah and the group were concerned when I hadn't arrived back from my walking day at the 6-7 hour mark.  
All's well that ends well though... I eventually dragged in to a welcoming committee of Mariah & pilgrim friends  Martin and Rod from Australia at the local coffee bar next to our hotel. 
Mariah had a good day of rest in Sarria and being off her knee for a day was beneficial.  Mary survived  missing the "short route" turnoff and having her "longest walking day" on the Camino!
Another day of  adventure for Grannies on Camino
Our Best to All,
Mary and Mariah

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