Monday, October 5, 2015

Photo Log from Logrono to Ventosa 10/4/15

B 10/4/15 Logrono to Ventosa
Our first rainy day on the trail!
Mariah's amazing all in one piece rain coat.... Covers her backpack. Trash behind Mariah is about to be swept up by ever ready street sweeper, they often sweep even when the streets are full of people!
Not so fancy as Mariah... but geared up for rain!
Camino dogs hanging out while their owners get a cappuccino before they hit trail
A very pretty city....artistic detail abounds here!
More modern business building terraced with live greenery on each level and greenery also surrounding the ground level of the building
Artistic Camino directional signs all the way out of town to assist Pilgrims in heading in the right direction
More quality and artistic flare in pilgrim directional signs ( above and below)

Even the tunnels heading us out of town have their special flare! ET still popular in Spain!

Miles of awesome pathway ( the official Camino de Santiago Route ) through the Logrono regional park.... All the locals walk & jog this path for miles and happily share it with the pilgrims! Interesting people watching for the pilgrims!
1st Cappucino stop after an hours walk out of town.... great views and good coffee to get our day started right!

With all these grapes there had to be a winery somewhere! There's the steeple.... Wrapping up a full day 19. 2 km of walking ! .... Arriving in Ventosa!

Ever really see grapes growing on a vine?
Beautiful colors!

Below.... Mariah happy to call it a day on the trail & still smiling ! She is checking out the Pilgrim accommodations sign for Ventosa. We loved our accommodations & were given the best room in the house.... on the 1st floor!!.... to truly appreciate the 1st floor positioning just think of lugging 15 lbs of backpack and a tired body up 3-4 flights of steep stairs as in our previous nights!

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