Saturday, October 3, 2015

Los Arcos to Viana

Our day began with two Cappuccinos a piece to jumpstart another strenuous day on the trail.

It seems that everyday begins with an uphill walk and today was no exception!

Thankfully the weather was cool and cloudy as our route was mostly open country passing many vineyards and olive groves. We also passed through several hilltop villages where many of the houses displayed family crests many centuries old. The center or heart of the village is most often a village square with a church and prominent steeple which we often spot from many kilometers away meaning a Cappuccino is just around the corner!

These villages have been on the Pilgrim route for many centuries and often have hostels with lovely courtyard coffee bars serving local specialties and Catering to pilgrims.

We arrived in Viana in mid afternoon and enjoyed hanging out in the town square visiting with old Camino friends....another day stronger and closer to our destination! Only 400 miles to go!!

As our Camino continues to unfold we think of all our friends and family at home and appreciate your enthusiasm for our adventure!

Love to all!
Mariah and Mary
 AKA Oma & Grandmama

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