Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Azofra to Granon 10/6/15

A big walking day for us at 22.3 km!
The scenery has changed from vineyards and olive groves to beet fields and tilled open land ready for planting. Along with the long climbs we had major winds to contend with today and of course not at our backs but mostly walking straight into the gusts. We also noticed quite a few people limping from various injuries today including foot blisters which for us thankfully have not been an issue.
We walked through a town called Circuena that basically is considered a ghost town after the housing bubble in Spain left many vacant homes. There are 27 residents of Circuena! I think the infant  we saw in a stroller with Grandpa was the 27th. We met a man renovating an Albergue/ Hotel who felt sorry for us when he saw our disappointment at his establishment not being open for refreshment. He and his wife opened their home and he served us a great strong cup of coffee that he made fresh and we learned about the plight of Circuena. They are working on renovating the original downtown and he is really sprucing up his place to be ready for the next busy Pilgrim season in the spring.
We walked through the busy city of Santa Domingo where we saw the automated potato sorters at work when we entered town. Had the best meatballs with homemade marinara and 2 cappuccinos and then on to our destination of Granon.
 There was a shortage of pilgrim housing in Granon and we were slated to stay in an Albergue that didn't feel warm and comfortable ( other option a mat on the floor of the local cathedral)...but Tommy from Texas who we met in the grocery store ( on his honeymoon ) was able with his good Spanish connect us to the manager of the local hotel where he and his bride were staying & soon we found ourselves with an awesome place to stay and beautiful views to top it off!
Another exciting day on The Camino!
Good night from Mariah and Mary

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