Monday, October 5, 2015

Ventosa to Azofra 10/5/15

It was an early start and a pleasant day on the Camino .The early light was stunning as we climbed through the freshly plowed red clay fields and the grapevines laden with ripe grapes! It sprinkled here and there, never a downpour, the clouds would roll over us giving reprieve from the sun. Often we passed smaller but hearty home gardens where local people are growing their own produce next to their homes. 
We walked through the City of Najera with the Camino trail taking us into the heart of the historic center which was bordered by red sandstone cliffs and full of beautiful stone buildings and walls that take your imagination back centuries in time! Wish we could have stayed and explored but many of the buildings are closed on Mondays and we needed to keep our daily destination in mind! We do find that there is always time for photo shoots and to duck our heads into nooks  & crannies that peak our interest. Today it was a specialty pottery shop with hand painted ware which was stunning but not transferable in a backpack.... the building itself was a piece of art!  
We are concluding our day by settling into the only Aubergue in town with 60 of our new best friends. They say we have a private room but it doesn't come with a lock or key! Hmmmm? 
Happy Trails to all our family and friends!
Mary and Mariah


  1. Beautiful pictures - especially the rainbow! Mary - you look a lot thinner - Keep Eating - you need your strength! Loved the rain gear and the dogs!

  2. Thanks Carolyn.... Losing a few pounds or inches maybe a fringe benefit of being a pilgrim!
    Great variety of animals to enjoy on the trail!