Friday, October 16, 2015

El Acebo to Ponferrada 10/16/15

2 Beautiful Villages to Remember!

Leaving El Acebo at Sunrise. Our Danish friend Steen.

The days hike starts on the highway out of town

A French pilgrim couple with their Camino dog who leads the way

Pictures do not do this starkly beautiful and remote landscape justice!

The quality of light is incredible!

Walking from a dirt path into the "adorable" village of Riego de Ambros

Beautiful pastures and mountains to view from the winding narrow Main Street of the village

Cute well kept cottage style houses line the main street through town with a few food shops sprinkled throughout. Old and renovated housing all with quaint and clever cottage detail.

Love the use of wood and stone!.... these folks really maintain the richness of their wood doors and wood trim

On the trail we cross paths again with our new Camino friends Larry and Kristi from Albuquerque, New Mexico....taking a snack break under a tree. We have met  them off and on for days on the trail and at overnight stops & enjoy touching base!

Side of road Camino conference... Mariah, Catherine & Steen

Taking in the beauty of the early morning trail

Oh my! ... Check out the rock path we get to navigate downhill!

Nothing like a rocky downhill path to keep one on their balance game.

So many varieties of natural beauty to take in!

Colorful rolling hills and valleys.

Entering the picturesque village of Molinaseca... Population 800

Beautiful section of gardens as you enter the village tended by individual residents

17th Century Church captures your eye as you enter town.

We crossed  into the downtown over an ancient Roman bridge and the river Rio Meruelo

3 amigos on this amazing bridge...stonework is stunning

Beautiful silhouettes of the pruned sycamore trees on the river

Check out the Roman bridge we are viewing from our morning outdoor breakfast table .... We found a Spanish restaurant that actually offered bacon and eggs "for breakfast" !

We feel we stepped into a movie set in this village of Molinaseca! Unbelievable!

Great bread display .... Baked today of course!

A new use of your old turn table.... they had it spinning with their produce whirling about to entice you into their market.

Looking back at how far we have hiked!

Home gardens in the city... entering the  city of Ponferrada, population 69,000

Wow... A genuine castle in downtown Ponferrada.

Close up of the 13th Century Templar Castle, very impressive! Its interesting history includes being demolished and rebuilt several times .It was first reconstructed over a destroyed Visigoth fort which was built over a Roman fort which was built over a pre-Roman Castro. Amazing history!

Beautiful river flowing through the City of Ponferrada.

Walked through the entire city of Ponferrado on the Camino trail and into the next town of Iglesia S. Maria for the evening. 
It was a full 8 hour day on Camino full of beautiful villages, nature's beauty, food, friends, great conversations, cappuccinos and LOTS of WALKING!
The adventure continues....
Mary and Mariah 
Grannies on Camino


  1. Nog even volhouden. Ik zie dat het een prachtige reis is en jullie hebben veel leuke mensen ontmoet. Hebben jullie nog voeten?

    1. It was great to hear from you Mary ! Quite an adventure , no way to prepare for this experience! Lots to share! Mary