Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rabanal to El Acebo 10/15/15

Exciting Day on Camino!

Leaving Rabanal at Sunrise... an early start to hike into the Irago Mountain Range

Frost on the roadside grass and bushes

Looking back at Rabanal and the Pilgrims heading out for the day.
Frost quickly melts as the sun hits the trail

Beautiful morning light , crisp air and sun= good ingredients for hiking! Notice our long morning shadows.

The paths just get more beautiful!
Heading in to our 1st rest & refreshment spot in Foncebadon... Crumbling Roman ruins and usable stone houses with slate or thatched roofs make this an interesting place to walk through and stop for a cappuccino. Looking back at how far we climbed up.

Higher and higher we go.

Cute thatched hut at our 1st I on Balboa Island?

Looking over the valley behind us.
(Above).... We've arrived at a special Pilgrim site called Cruz de Ferro . I am holding  the special bag of tokens that family and friends have given me to place here. The Intention of each token placed is a celebration of your love and blessings and a letting go of any burdens. lt was a special experience to place tokens for our loved ones on this site where pilgrims have placed tokens for many centuries .

Beautifully designed symbol of universality at Cruz de Ferro.
A pilgrim directional arrow designed in stone
 At Cruz de Ferro

A rainbow for our day .
Beautiful views leaving Cruz de Ferro A little dip before we start climbing again.
Up and further we go into the beautiful Irago Mountain Range.
Beautiful trails with panoramic views.

Views of our long rocky descent into the Village of Acebo for the night

Some of our path down was rock shale, thank goodness  for walking sticks!

At last .... We sight our village of Acebo for the evening....but it took 1 1/2 hours to get down the Rocky trail to reach it.
Beautiful village of very old stone structures and some new. We enjoyed a great dinner with our Canadian friend Catherine and Steen our new Danish friend.

We finally saw a horse and rider on Camino! We were so surprised when they came up behind us on the trail that I was slow to get the photo!
 You can do the Camino de Santiago in one of 3 ways.... on foot,  bicycle or on horseback. 

It was a grand day on the trail for us today!!
Mary and Mariah 
Grannies on Camino


  1. So lovely to follow your travels!! It's almost more beautiful than I remember.

  2. Very impressive ladies!!! Sending lots of love to you both!!!

  3. Very impressive ladies!!! Sending lots of love to you both!!!