Friday, October 23, 2015

10/23/15 Mercadoiro to Ventas de Naron

Our Earliest Start Time on Camino

It gets light at 8:30. We headed out at 8 because the coffee / breakfast place was supposed to be open & only 500 meters down the road. Well it wasn't open so we put on our head lights and hit the road. Passed through the light morning haze in this little village

Moving through another village, pretty quiet, no one out yet

But we did pass some friendly cows in the morning mist

No coffee still !

2 hours later we finally arrived at the larger City of Portomarin for our 1st cup of coffee & breakfast.... but check out the staircase we had to climb to get into the city from our trail! The staircase had one more tier at the top not visible in photo. Cruel and unusual punishment. This was the hardest we have had to work for our 1st cappuccino of the day since we started walking the Camino!

The underpart of the giant staircase into the city... All done in beautiful stone! ... Needs optional escalator!

Leaving Portomarin over bridge with interesting grass covered rock ruins below on both sides

Big hike up the hill after crossing the bridge and then back into open spaces for the rest of the day

So Beautiful!

Some people like to keep the cows close to home to keep an eye on them!

More hills to climb!..... More hilltop views to enjoy

7 Hours later we arrive in Ventas de Naron for the night. The field of sheep are across the street from Casa Molar,  our home for the night. There has been a steady stream of tractors driving by us... this is the end of the workday traffic!

Patio of Casa Molar with view of the sheep field. Hotel Rooms are upstairs.
We enjoyed a pilgrim dinner in the dining room with Jane, a new friend from Spokane, Washington. 
Now off we go for a long needed night's sleep!
Sending our Love to All,
Mary & Mariah
Grannies on Camino


  1. I am so envious looking at these photos ... i wish I was with you!! I found myself wondering if you found your first coffee of the day in Portomarin at the same place that i stopped for lunch. There are so very many special places! And I'm so glad you are having a great time. Will you get to Finisterra i wonder?? Hugs and Buen Camino!

  2. Thank you Sue! It is the first Alburgue Bar that you get to when you reach the top of the stairs in Portomarin and go left. It is delightful with enclosed balcony seating with great views!